Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia 2


Match 1 Round of 16
Match 2 Round of 16
Match 3 Round of 16
Match 4 Round of 16
SESSON 2: 1800 HRS
Match 5 Round of 16
Match 6 Round of 16
Match 7 Round of 16
Match 8 Round of 16
Match 9 Round of 16
Match 10 Round of 16
Match 11 Round of 16
Match 12 Round of 16
Match 13 Round of 16
Match 14 Round of 16
Match 15 Round of 16
Match 16 Round of 16
SESSON 1: 1200 HRS
Match 17 Quarter Finals
Match 18 Quarter Finals
Match 19 Quarter Finals
Match 20 Quarter Finals
SESSON 2: 1800 HRS
Match 21 Quarter Finals
Match 22 Quarter Finals
Match 23 Quarter Finals
Match 24 Quarter Finals
SESSON 1: 1200 HRS
Match 25 Semi Finals
Match 26 Semi Finals
Match 27 Semi Finals
Match 28 Semi Finals
SESSON 2: 1900 HRS
Match 29 3rd / 4th Placing
Match 30 3rd / 4th Placing
Match 31 Finals
Match 32 Finals
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A specially-designed studio set where all matches are played and televised live, the T2CAVERN was constructed within a dedicated 15,000 sq. ft. film stage in the Asian location of the iconic Pinewood Studios in Johor, Malaysia.

Infused with this culture of artistry and innovation, the cradle of T2DIAMOND is altogether unique in the world of sport and has been designed to celebrate creative play and perpetuate a sense of mystique and exclusivity.

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The all-new “Grand Slams” of table tennis, T2DIAMOND is the most prestigious annual series of tournaments organised in partnership with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Three world-class events will be staged in its second season in 2019, and four from 2020 and beyond.

18-21 JULY 2019

A new era of table tennis begins here...

T2 Diamond is taking the table tennis world by storm and introducing a brand new breed of table tennis to the world. Johor Bahru will be the first to witness this revolutionary new table tennis format that provides fast-paced thrills and spills for players and fans alike.


T2 DIAMOND MALAYSIA GALLERY SEE RESULTS TOURNAMENT NEWS ISKANDAR MALAYSIA STUDIOS Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia has ended with huge success! Next stop, T2 Diamond 2019 Singapore!

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