(Official Event Mark and Usage)

We value the significant role that media plays in promoting T2 Diamond to our global audiences and encourage publishers, broadcasters and media entities to use the Official T2 Diamond Event Mark and Materials. T2 Diamond wishes at all times to protect the integrity of the Official Event Mark and Materials and requests all media to familiarise and apply it according to this simple guideline.

1. Official Event Naming
1.1. Official event naming in all coverage should follow: "Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia”

2. Conditions for Editorial Use
2.1 Any use of the T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image for any commercial purposes is explicitly reserved for T2 Diamond and its commercial partners. No entities (other than those authorised by T2 Diamond) are permitted to use the T2 Diamond Event Marks or Image for any commercial purposes including on, or in relation to, the sale, advertisement or promotion of, any goods or services. Please contact T2 Diamond in the event of any queries regarding usage in a commercial context.

2.2 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image are available to the media purely for use in editorial (non-commercial) articles and news coverage and to identify the event to the reader/viewer.

3. Newspaper Front Page Use
3.1 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image should not be used on the front cover of any printed media item to imply the publication is official or linked to the event unless otherwise permitted by T2 Diamond.

4. Magazine Front Page Use
4.1 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image may not be used on the cover of any regularly published magazine except where (i) approved in advance by T2 Diamond; or (ii) used by the publisher to indicate the presence of event coverage or special event-related sections.

5. Website Use
5.1 The T2 Diamond Event Mark may be used on the home page of media/news websites as a link button through to the official website www.t2diamond.com

6. Non-Promotional / Advertising Use
6.1 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image cannot be used in any advertising or promotional manner by the media or in relation to any sponsored publications or programming of any kind, unless permitted by T2 Diamond.

6.2 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image be used to imply any association between the media publication/website/broadcaster and the event, unless permitted by T2 Diamond.

6.3 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image be used to imply any association between the media publication/website/broadcaster and the event unless permitted by T2 Diamond.

6.4 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image should not be combined with any other marks or designations to create a composite mark unless permitted by T2 Diamond.

6.5 The T2 Diamond Event Mark and/or Image may never be used in the same visual plane as any other logo and/or trademark or to imply any type of association.

General Terms and Conditions for Media

T2 Diamond recognises the importance of top quality coverage and strives to maintain a professional environment for all media covering its events. The present terms and conditions are the basis for all Media reporting from the Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Event.

1. Accreditation
1.1. Media accreditation requests for Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia must be completed and submitted online via https://t2diamond.com/media-accreditation/. Only complete applications within the media accreditation deadlines (11th July 2019 11:59pm GMT+8) will be taken into consideration.

1. 2. Individuals applying for accreditation must be professionally employed full-time by media outlets. Freelance photographers and writers must provide an assignment letter detailing the actual assignment from the assigning editor.

1.3. HB / RHB will be accredited according to their contract. NRH will need to apply for a media accreditation online.

1.4. Accreditations must be worn at all times in the venue and may not be duplicated or reproduced. Accreditations are non-transferable and will not be replaced in case of loss.

1.5. Media are only allowed to access the designated areas as displayed on the accreditation card. Access zones and categorisation of different media are outlined in the Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia Accreditation Plan.

1.6. Media are only allowed to access the designated areas as displayed on the accreditation card. Access zones and categorisation of different media are outlined in the Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Malaysia Accreditation Plan.

2. Travel & Accommodation
2.1. Media are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

2.2. Media not based in the host country are responsible for their own visas.

2.3. To the best of their ability, T2 Diamond will provide media with information about transport and accommodation. Please contact media@t2apac.com

3. Photography
3.1. Photography will be permitted only in the designated areas provided that it does not interfere with broadcaster rights, personnel and conduct of the event. Access to photo positions around FOP is limited by T2 Diamond.

3.2. For high demand matches, T2 Diamond may limit the number of photographers for these matches and RHB will be given priority.

3.3. Photographers may not enter the FOP at any time, unless previously authorised by T2 Diamond.

3.4. Photographers who enter the dedicated photo positions in the venue are required to wear dark clothing. Camera bags, computers and other obstructing material is not permitted on the FOP.

3.5. Photographers shooting from the around FOP may not communicate with or signal to the competitors or coaches at any point during the competition.

3.6. Strobe or flash photography is strictly prohibited.

3.7. Photographers must not cross in front of TV cameras or judges during matches.

3.8. Where possible, photographers are allowed access to the FOP for the medal ceremonies.

3.9. Images should be published for news reporting purposes only and not commercial purposes.

3.10. Images should not be used in association with any marks, names, products, services or logos of any third party in any manner which gives rise to a false or implied commercial association between the Event and that third party.

3.11. Images should not be altered so as to insert any sponsorship, product placement or other credits or otherwise remove or obscure a commercial brand with the intention of creating a false or implied commercial association.

3.12. No text other than a credit name of the photographer and/or photograph caption/headline may be superimposed on any published image.

4. Broadcasting
4.1. RHB must adhere to the broadcast rights agreement in addition to these rules.

4.2. RHB ENG crew will be given access to FOP (stationary position on FOP) upon availability determined by T2 Diamond.

4.3. NRH ENG will not be given access to FOP and Practice Hall. Filming inside the competition venue and live commentary by NRH is strictly prohibited at all times. Online journalists are not permitted to provide audio or video broadcasts from the competition to their respective websites or to social media at any time.

4.4. NRH may not publish live scoring or live still images or footage online from any matches on any media including social media channels.

4.5. NRH are permitted to bring ENG crew and film interviews conducted in the mixed zone as well as post / pre competition press conferences, if any.

4.6. Any non-editorial or commercial use of any pictures, audio, film/tape/digital images or drawing from T2 Diamond event is prohibited without prior, specific, written authorisation from the T2 Diamond and may require athlete approval for commercial use.

5. Designated Media Positions and Services
5.1. RHB and NRH will not have access to production Wi-Fi and will need to arrange for individual Wi-Fi usage during the event.

5.2. Accredited media will have access to media tribune, media seats (Row 1 Bleacher C), and the mixed zone. Seats in the media tribunes and media centre are tabled and have power.

5.3. Media are not guaranteed seating in the media tribunes, T2 Diamond will do everything to accommodate attending media and offer them the best possible working conditions. Where media seating is limited due to space, a priority system will be used to assign seats (RHB and Journalists prioritized). Auxiliary press seats consist of seating in the venue, but without tables or power.

6. Interviews and Mixed Zones
6.1. RHB will be given first priority request followed by NRH journalists for interviews with players either pre / post-match, but are not guaranteed by T2 Diamond.

6.2. Interview requests must be submitted to T2 Diamond and coordinated in advance.

6.3. Players are required to leave the FOP through the mixed zone after each match. While they are not obliged to stop to give interviews, the athletes have been strongly encouraged to take the time to answer questions in the mixed zone.

6.4. T2 Diamond asks all media to uphold the expected level of professionalism and not to ask for athlete autographs or pose for photographs with athletes.

6.5. Access to the mixed zone positions will be prioritised as follows: 1. HB & RHB, 2. Written press (T2 Diamond and Media partners), 3. NRH written press and radio stations, 4. Photographers

7. General
7.1. Media must behave in an orderly manner throughout the event. All media must respect the environment by maintaining a quiet and professional atmosphere in the media areas.

7.2. Applauding, cheering or whistling from within the designated media areas is not permitted. The display of flags and banners is also not permitted as well as dressing in such a way as to express excessive support for a participating nation. Abusive, threatening or aggressive behaviour will not be accepted. Media representatives must respect all instructions given by T2 Diamond and the venue security. T2 Diamond reserves the right to revoke credentials for unprofessional behaviour or conduct.

7.3. Members of the media are granted access to media areas strictly for the purpose of serving as a journalist.

7.4. Upon violation of any of the above conditions or upon non-compliance with instructions given onsite, T2 Diamond reserves the right to withdraw accreditation, with or without prior warning as well as deny accreditation to future T2 Diamond events.

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If there are any queries regarding use of T2 Diamond intellectual property, please contact press@t2diamond.com